Residential Closings

Hire professionals to help with the purchase of a new home, so you can sleep soundly.

Commercial Closings

We’ll make sure all the details are taken care of during your commercial real estate transaction.

Notary Closings

When you need to be sure your documents are signed in accordance with the lender.


When you need a third party to ensure disbursement of funds, think Louisiana First Title.

Comprehensive Closing Services for Your Real Estate Needs

Rely on professionals to handle the details during your purchase

When you’re ready to make a residential or commercial real estate purchase, you need a professional to ensure everything is done within the letter of the law. 

Contact us today to discover why we’re the company to call when you are closing on a property.

You want a clear title to the property you're purchasing

Before you sign on the dotted line, you want to make sure you obtain a clear title to the property. LA First Title will ensure there is no encumbrances, including judgments and liens against the property or any other issues stemming from the previous owner. Our real estate attorney will handle the title work anywhere in the state of Louisiana, so you can be sure everything is ready to go by the day of your closing. Call 337-366-9150 today to let us know what we can do for your real estate closing.

All of the necessary paperwork will be prepared

We’ll prepare the closing package so all of the lender documents and closing paperwork are included and ready to be signed and notarized. This includes, but not limited to the cash sale deed, closing disclosures, settlement statements and any mortgage or promissory note.

Learn everything you need to know before your real estate purchase by contacting our office today.

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